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Jose Cruz, longtime owner of the booth La Guadalapana A year later, the Register reported then-planning commissioner Joel Faris "just had to make it public that he disapproved of the Orange Coast College swap meet." During a meeting, he called the swap meet an "underground economy" where vendors "buy and sell without proper taxes being paid." But, as with the previous attack, OCC officials stood by swap meet vendors, and the issue went nowhere. There are also hints of racism among the city's residents. On NextDoor and other online forums, some Costa Mesans have claimed most vendors and customers are undocumented—though not using such polite language. That doesn't faze Clevenger. "If someone doesn't have their papers, there's that trepidation, and that's not what we're about here—that's not our role," she says. "Our role is to give [vendors] a place so that they can succeed." These haters disgust Maricela Salazar. "I've overheard people say, 'We're just people selling on the asphalt,' and I think it's unfortunate that they think that way," she says. "What I think a lot of people don't understand is that each booth is a small business, and if they knew the amount of effort that vendors take into bringing in what the customer wants, they wouldn't make those comments. It's not one giant garage sale where you put all your old junk out; these vendors really take their customers' needs into consideration." Photo by Micah Wright | Design by Dustin Ames Despite the naysayers, the swap meet's popularity hasn't ebbed.

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Balenciaga is selling the extra large lambskin printed tote bag online Product description says it's inspired by 'classic blanket bags' Eagle-eyed fashion fiends couldn't help but point out the uncanny similarities One person said they were 'exhausted by fashion'  Others were amused that ผ้าปูที่นอน 3.5 ฟุต ลายการ์ตูน ราคาถูก it looks exactly like plastic blanket bags It's the designer label loved by the Kardashians but Balenciaga's latest fashion accessory has become a figure of fun - because of its uncanny similarity to a regular household item. The £2,325 extra large lambskin printed tote has been branded 'hilariously stupid' by fashion fans because it looks exactly like a plastic blanket bag. People are pointing out on Twitter that the luxe accessory resembles the same bag you probably threw away after dumping your blanket on your bed, which you probably paid less than £25 for. The Balenciaga extra large tote bag is said to be inspired by the classic blanket bag that many of us don't even realise we have in our homes Make your own version for just a fraction of the price by investing in some new pillows from Silentnight priced at £23.99 and then put your own patterned blanket in the plastic bag Eagle-eyed fashion fans noticed the uncanny resemblance and took to Twitter to poke fun at the expensive accessory Brands like Silentnight sell their pillows and duvets in the plastic carrier with rope handles and what better excuse to update your bedding than to be on trend and in with the fashion set. Others are already one step ahead, as they shared their own versions from their airing cupboards, with one writing: 'I must be balling then, didn't know these were Balenciaga.' 'I have similar models so if anyone is interested pls dm me it's the special collection "Kambal from India" by Balenciaga for only 2000€ thx,' joked one person on Twitter.  'This is hilariously stupid. But I still kind of love fashion,' said one amused social media user. Online retailer Net-a-Porter explain that the brand was inspired by the 'every day classic blanket bags'  The user going by the handle SoyySaucce, who first pointed out the resemblance, wrote: 'Guys I'm exhausted by fashion. Is this not the bag we keep blankets in?' 'I swear every Asian household has a bag like this with a blanket in it and Balenciaga are selling it for £2k???', one shocked person replied. Online fashion retailer Net-a-Porter explain the items origins in the product description, writing: 'Finding beauty in the every day, Balenciaga's oversized tote is inspired by classic blanket bags.' While explain that the bag made a 'striking' appearance on the runway.

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